Goodwill Donation Group

About Us​ is a free, user-friendly app created by startup venture studio Current Ventures in San Diego. We developed the app in response to the concerns of individuals worried about the potential discontinuation of Intuit’s ItsDeductible app and the lack of an Android version. Our mission is to simplify the process of tracking charitable donations and maximizing tax deductions. With our built-in calculator, users can estimate the value of donated items and keep all their receipts in one place, making income tax filing easier. Join us at to streamline your tax deductions and support the causes you care about.

Our Mission

At, our mission is to empower individuals to effortlessly manage and maximize their tax deductions while supporting charitable causes they care about. Our new app is developed by the innovative startup venture studio, Current Ventures, based in the vibrant city of San Diego.

Our Story

The inspiration for arose from observing the concerns expressed by countless individuals online regarding the potential discontinuation of Intuit’s popular charity donation tracking app, ItsDeductible. Recognizing the importance of such a tool and the need for a more inclusive solution, we set out to create a comprehensive and user-friendly alternative.

One of the key aspects we noticed was that ItsDeductible was only available on iOS, leaving Android users without a similar option. Understanding the demand for an Android app version of this essential tool, we took it upon ourselves to bridge this gap by developing MyDeductibles, a cutting-edge application accessible to all.

Our primary goal is to provide a free and accessible platform that simplifies the process of tracking charitable contributions and maximizing tax deductions. With, you can bid farewell to the tedious paperwork and scattered receipts traditionally associated with tracking donations.

Our built-in calculator feature empowers you to effortlessly estimate the value of your donated items, ensuring you receive the optimal deduction for your generosity. By consolidating all your donation receipts in one secure location, we make income tax filing a breeze, eliminating the hassle of searching through numerous documents.

With, you can optimize your tax deductions, giving you the opportunity to make a significant impact on both your financial well-being and the causes you support. We believe that by simplifying the process, we can inspire greater charitable giving and amplify the positive influence individuals can have on society.

Join us at and embark on a seamless journey towards maximizing your tax deductions while supporting the causes that matter most to you. Experience the freedom of effortless charitable contribution tracking and make a difference in the world today.