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Finally, there's a free ItsDeductible for Android called MyDeductibles. Download and login today.

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Charitable Donation Tax Calculator

Easily calculate the fair market value of your donated items for your annual tax deductions

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Store your Facebook Donation Receipt, Goodwill Donation Receipt, and other Charitable Donation Receipts all in one place.

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Looking for more ways to optimize your income tax deductions? MyDeductibles provides helpful donation tips.

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ItsDeductible Login Alternative

ItsDeductible threatened to shut down its wildly popular iPhone app.  Plus, ItsDeductible does not have an Android App.  MyDeductibles is here to save the day.  Switch to the better alternative.  Available for iPhone and Android users.

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Great Reviews

Although we’re just getting started, these are the types of reviews we hope to get.


I’m always on the lookout for best tax deductions for high earners.  I heard about ItsDeductible but I don’t have an iPhone.  So happy to find MyDeductibles, the ItsDeductible alternative for Android phone owners.

Naomi M, Sales Executive

Its Deductible is a great app for TurboTax, but Intuit threatened to shut it down.  I plan to switch to MyDeductibles so that I can track my charitable donations for years to come.  I love the donated items calculator. It’ll make my life so much easier.

Marvin C, Bookkeeper

Some of the best apps are simple and basic.  This ItsDeductible alternative calculates donation values and tracks my donations in one place.  It’ll make my income tax filing so much easier and help me offset the taxes I owe.

Taylor H, Teacher